Pests and Diseases

Pests and Diseases 2




These are black caterpillars common at early stages of plant growth. They cut stems at the ground level causing plant fall. Spray plants with UMEME after transplanting to control cutworms


Aphids are small green or yellow like insects found on the leaves of vegetables. They sack the sap from plants ad also carry diseases.


These are small white insects found below the leaf surface. They sack sap from crops.

Whiteflies cabbage

Sawflies and Black diamond moths

They are come black- pale green in colour and their larvae stage is very destructive. They feed on leaves causing heavy defoliation. If not controlled, they can cause 100% loss of the crop. Spray with CYCLONE when you see first signs of attack.


Black rot

It is a bacteria in the soil which can cause total loss of the crop if not managed. It is common when the temperatures are high and soils are humid. The signs include yellow-brown dry leaf margins at early stages of attack. Later, the heads turn black, soft and start to rot and give off a bad smell. To manage, remove and destroy infected crop residues, use clean and healthy seedlings and tolerant varieties. Spray SULCOP DF from Osho Chemicals, early then repeat after every 10 days.

Leaf Spot

Leafspot cabbage

It is also a soil-borne fungi which is common in humid conditions. It is spread by wind, water or affected implements. The symptoms include dark to brown spots and eventually form holes and the leaves dry up. To control, plant certified seeds and practice crop rotation. Spray SULCOP, CONTROL 70DF or ENRICH.



It is a fungi carried by wind, manure or infected crop remains. The signs are circular ring-like brown grey spots on leaves. To control, plant certified seeds/ healthy seedlings, rotate your field. Spray SULCOP or ENRICH.


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