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Lease Agreement

What is Leasing Agricultural Land?

Leasing agricultural land means giving out a part or your entire shamba to someone else, like a farmer, so they can use it for farming for an agreed period of time. The owner of the shamba and the farmer come up with rules on how things will work during the said time. The farmer pays for using the shamba either with money or in other ways (crops, services). If the owner of the shamba and the farmer both agree, they can end the lease agreement before or after the originally agreed period.

Why Lease Land for Farming?

  • Leasing land is an easy and affordable way of getting a shamba to farm without buying it.
  • When doing this, follow the right and official process to make sure land transfer is safe and free of risks.
  • This way you will avoid the owner changing their mind and selling the shamba or allowing someone else to
    use it in the agreed period.

Lease Agreement

How to Lease Land for Farming

Here are the 5 main steps:

  1. Find the piece of shamba you want to lease.
  2. Check the size of the shamba, boundaries, who it belongs to and if there is any problem with the land.
    Also,make sure that the person offering you the lease is who they say they are – exchange your ID’s.
  3. Tell the landowner what you plan to do on the shamba. Have a written understanding and people present
    to see and confirm it.
  4. Talk with the landowner about the specific rules and conditions of the lease. This includes: how much rent
    you'll pay, how the land will be used and how long the lease will last.
  5. Come up with a written agreement and have it approved by the local administrator such as a village elder
    or chief.

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