Site and Seed selection

Site & Seed selection 2

Site selection

Select a site and a field in which a crop from the cabbage family e.g. kale and spinach had not been previously grown. They share the same pests and diseases.

Land preparation

Plough your land. Break up all lumps of soil. Mix in well-rotted manure. Smooth the soil surface.

Your soil test will tell you which fertilisers to add to your soil and how much. Usually you will be told to add an NPK fertiliser from Mavuno at planting. This contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, and sometimes other nutrients too.

Seed Selection

Always buy certified seeds. Certified seeds:

  • Give high yields of good quality
  • Minimise the likelihood of crop failure
  • Are resistant to some pests and diseases
  • They grow fast, strongly and uniformly.

Choose your cabbage variety based on your soil test results, climate and what the market wants. Below is a list of their varieties that you can buy from Royal Seed:

Pretoria F1

Pretoria F1 Cabbage
  • Matures in 75 days from transplanting
  • Head weight 4-5 kgs
  • Yield potential: 60 tonnes per acre
  • Excellent Wrapper leaves and heat tolerance
  • Dark green in colour
  • Resistant to Fusarium Wilt

Blue Jays F1

Cabbage blue jays
  • Early maturing: Matures in 55 days from transplanting
  • Head weight: 3 kgs
  • Yield potential: 50 tonnes per acre
  • Excellent Wrapper leaves and heat tolerance
  • Blue Green in colour
  • Resistant to Fursarium Yellow
  • Mild tolerance to Black Rot

Fabiola F1

  • Matures in 75 - 80 days from transplanting
  • Head weight: 5 kgs
  • Yield potential: 60 tonnes per acre
  • Semi flat head shape with excellent wrapper leaves
  • Heat tolerant
  • Resistant to Ringspot and good tolerance to Black Rot

Copenhagen Market

  • Early maturing: Matures in 65 days from transplanting
  • Head weight: 2.5-3 kgs
  • Yield potential: 30-35 tonnes per acre
  • Low crop protection cost
  • Dark green in colour with a bright heart.

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