Building a chicken house


A good chicken house will keep your chicken safe and healthy. Clean it every day. Keep the house locked to stop people or animals from going inside. They may spread diseases.

Chicken house
  • Build your house from East to West. This stops hot sun and strong winds
  • 4 feet high walls with 3 ft wire mesh. The wire mesh allows good airflow.
  • Put curtains on the window to stop cold breezes. Close them at night.
  • A footbath with disinfectant will keep out pests and diseases. Always wear a dust coat and sanitise hands when attending to your chicken.
  • Make a flat cement floor. Cement floors are easy to clean. Wood shavings on the floor will absorb droppings.
  • Each broiler chicken needs at least 1 square foot of space. Make sure you know how many birds you plan to keep before you build the house.


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