Crop management

Crop management 2


Have you thought about how you will water your crops?

Onions need water to grow well. You cannot rely on the rains as sometimes they do not come. Hosepipes, watering cans and sprinklers waste time and money

Buy a drip irrigation system from SunCulture. Drip irrigation systems:

Drip irrigation
  • Use less water as the water from the pipe goes directly to the plant roots.
  • Water is not wasted on weeds.
  • Plants do not get wet.
  • Once the drip lines are laid, you just have to turn on the tap when you want to water.


Topdress your seedlings after 21-30 days.

Topdress again 42-55 days after transplanting. Apply 120kg of CAN to each acre. Buy CAN from agrovets.


Weeds take water and nutrients from your crop. They also hide pests and diseases. Take out weeds when you see them.

You can also use herbicides. Always follow instructions and wear protective gear when using herbicides.


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