Planting 2

Seedlings will be ready for transplanting after 4 weeks (40 days, or when they are the same thickness as a pencil.

Transplanting onions 2

Step 1

7­-10 days before transplanting, slowly reduce watering and remove the shade. This will give the seedlings a chance to get used to the strong sunshine.

Step 2

Transplant early in the morning (6-10 am) or late in the afternoon (4-6pm).

Step 3

2 hours before transplanting, water the nursery. This is so you can remove each seedling with a little lump of soil.

Step 4

Start with the strong and healthy seedlings. You can leave the weaker ones in the nursery for longer to grow strong.

Step 5

Plant the seedlings 10 cm apart in rows 30 cm apart. Plant in holes 1.5 cm deep and then firm up the seedling with the surrounding soil.

Step 6

Weeds take water and nutrients from your crop. They also hide pests and diseases. Take out weeds when you see them.

You can also use herbicides. Always follow instructions and wear protective gear when using herbicides.

Step 7

Topdress your seedlings when your onions are growing well. Apply 120 kg of CAN to each acre. Buy CAN from agrovets.


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