Pests and Diseases

Pests and Diseases 2



Whiteflies are tiny white insects that suck the sap from spinach leaves.

Spinach whiteflies


Spinach aphids

Aphids are tiny, usually green soft-bodied insects that cause the spinach leaves to fold.

Kill Whiteflies and Aphids with Cyclone from Osho Chemicals. Mix 30 ml of Cyclone in 20 litres of water in a knapsack. Spay when you see Whiteflies or Aphids.


Caterpillars make holes in the spinach leaves. Leaves with holes will not get a good price at market.

Kill Caterpillars with Mida from Osho Chemicals. Mix 10 ml of Mida in 20 litres of water. Spray the leaves when you see caterpillars. Mida will also kill Whiteflies.

Spinach caterpillars


Leaf Spot

This is a disease caused by a fungus. You see small dark spots on the leaves. The spots turn brown or grey.

Leaf spots

Treat Leafspot with Sulcop 50DF from Osho Chemicals. Mix 50g Sulcop in 20 litres of water in a knapsack. Spray the leaves. It works best when you use it to prevent Leafspot.

Downey Mildew

Downey Mildew is a white fungal growth below the leaves which later produce black or brown spots on the upper side of leaves. It starts as early as in the nursery and extends to all stages of the crop, if not well managed.

Downey Mildew

To control, rotate your field, practise good nursery hygiene and treat using Control from Osho Chemicals.


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