Planting 2

Obtain seedlings from a KEPHIS registered nursery near you.

Transplant seedlings after 3-4 weeks. Transplant early in the morning (6-10 am) or late in the afternoon (4-6pm).

  • Dig planting holes 30 cm apart in rows 60 cm apart.
Spinach seed spacing
  • Drench soil with a mixture of 50g PEARL in 20litres of water in a knapsack. This will prevent soil borne diseases attacking the seedlings. Soil drench before planting them.
  • Mix 1 bottletop of TSP and a handful of manure with the soil in each hole.
  • Plant the seedling. Water the seedlings.
  • Topdress with 1 teaspoon CAN per plant 3 weeks after transplanting

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