Crop management

Crop management 2

To ensure the crop establishes well in the field, observe the following instructions:

Step 1: Gapping

2 weeks after transplanting, replace seedling that have died.

Step 2: Weeding

Weed every 3 – 4 weeks to keep away pests, diseases and stop competition for nutrients.

Step 3: Top-dressing

After 3 weeks, topdress with nitrogenous fertiliser like Mavuno Topdressing NPK 26.0.0 fertiliser . On the 5th week/before flowering, top-dress again with NPK 17:17:17 or 20:20:20. You need 200kg/Ha.

Step 4: Stalking

Tie tomato stems on stakes/string to support weak stems. This ensure you get clean and disease free fruits and make harvesting easy.

Tomato stalking 2

Step 5: Pruning

Remove side shoots to remain with two healthy stems.

Tomato pruning

Step 6: Foliar feeds

Apply foliar fertilisers as per the suitable trace nutrients required by the tomato crop at various stages of it growth. For instance, spray with Easy Gro flower and fruit N:P:K 14:11:33 from Osho Chemicals during the flowering stage to enhance flower formation and reduce abortion.